“I love Red Lipstick and Clean Underwear! It’s like a how-to guide on how to age gracefully. Or, a preview of coming attractions and, uh, un-attractions! I will refer to it for advice and reassurance as I enter the next few decades. This is a must-read for women at any age. A dose of advice, with a side of sass!”
–Valerie Calhoun. Anchor, Good Morning Memphis WHBQ TV FOX-13

Red Lipstick and Clean Underwear

This book takes a humorous but accurate look at how women (baby boomers plus those a few years this side of boomers) were taught to view and prepare for life as young girls, vs. the reality of being a woman and handling all that we do, every day, day in and day out. As adults, moms, wives and employees, we are expected to handle, juggle, balance, earn, nurture and be caregivers.

Many of us were sent out into the world with platitudes stuffed into our purses, most often by our own moms, such as “Make sure you’re wearing lipstick if no other makeup, because you’ll never know when you’ll meet Mr. Right.” And how about this one: “When you leave the house, make sure you’re wearing clean underwear with no holes in it!” Why? Because you may have a car accident, of course. Who could ever live down the shame of a paramedic seeing sub-par panties while he and his team work to save your life?

Oh, we were handed other tools with which to tackle the life of a woman. One of my mom’s favorites was, “Be sure to learn a little typing and shorthand in high school. You’ll need something to fall back on until you get married and your husband can take care of you.”





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