A little about the author, Carole Townsend

Carole is a columnist and correspondent for the Gwinnett Citizen newspaper in Georgia. For more than four years, she has enjoyed writing her weekly (Not So) Common Sense column, and reporting the good news that happens in a diverse county with nearly 1 million residents.

Before she began writing for the Gwinnett Citizen, she was a staff correspondent and blogger for the Gwinnett Daily Post for more than 12 years. Through her unique brand of no-nonsense humor and her love for observing the quirkiness of human nature, Carole has developed a solid following in the southern region of the United States.

Her fourth book, BLOOD IN THE SOIL, was published April 12, 2016. A vast departure from her previous three Southern humor books, this book unravels a true crime that happened in Georgia about 40 years ago. BLOOD IN THE SOIL investigates the story behind the 1978 Larry Flynt shooting. This new book has catapulted Carole into the national spotlight, and she has enjoyed being a guest on several national talk shows as a result of the astounding story the book unveils.

Her first three books are:

SOUTHERN FRIED WHITE TRASH is a frank and hilarious look at how families spin out of control under pressure, such as weddings, funerals, holiday gatherings and reunions. One review touted her inaugural book as being

“Just like biting into tinfoil and laughing out loud at the same time. Nearly impossible, but fun trying!”

“No rose colored glasses when reading this book. I dare you not to laugh, or to compare the writer’s ridiculous antics with some of your very own!”

RED LIPSTICK AND CLEAN UNDERWEAR is an examination of the advice and hand-me-down wisdoms women glean from their mothers, grandmothers and aunts. While there are some very funny observations and scenes in this book, there are also some poignant moments.

“A breakthrough triumph from a woman, to women everywhere.”

“Women are strong. We’re tough. The advice and stories in Townsend’s book go a long way toward explaining the strength of the infrastructure that is the sisterhood of women.”

This book has remained a top book club selection since its publication in 2012.

MAGNOLIAS, SWEET TEA AND EXHAUST is an amusing and witty look at the national phenomenon known as NASCAR. As Townsend herself explains in the book, while NASCAR has its roots deep in southern culture, she knew nothing about the sport. When her youngest child left for college, she decided to hit the road and learn what she could about the sport and the culture. For one year, she traveled the NASCAR circuit, learning everything she could about the sport, drivers, cars and fans. OF course, as a 50-something suburban mom who knew nothing about any of it, the result is a well-researched, educational, hilarious examination of NASCAR.

“Immersion journalism at its best! Think ‘Erma Bombeck,’ at 165 mph!”

“Townsend’s observation skills treat the reader to the wild and weird…Townsend breaks down the sport simply and clearly, and throws in plenty of humor. After all, who would have thought to use a restrictor plate as a makeshift compact mirror, as Townsend does?”

Carole has been published in Ladies Home Journal (January 2006) and several other national magazines.

She is often invited to speak, in Georgia and surrounding states, to civic groups and at events promoting the health and well being of women, children and the family. She participates in author panel discussions, speaks at literary festivals and holds writer workshops twice every year.

Carole lives in a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia with her husband Marc and their three beloved dogs. Their children are all young adults now, though they were raised in the same house that Carole and Marc live in today.

Very active in her community and with a strong background in Marketing, Carole believes in the “power of promotion.” In the past five years, she has been a guest on more than 200 radio shows, enjoyed dozens of television interviews, and invites opportunities to speak publicly at a variety of events.